Gillian Kyle Custom T-Shirts in Glasgow

Who doesn't like Tunnock's Tea Cakes? Creamola Foam? A Scottish Pride Plain Loaf ... with square sausage wedged into a slice of it on a Sunday morning?

I love to meet custom t-shirt vendors and I recently found a cracking stall in Glasgow's St Enoch Centre. Gillian Kyle is a young Glasgow artist who is developing custom t-shirts and other products that are well worth a look at.

The stall vendor that day, Kirsty, took the time to explain what was happening at this brilliantly Scottish custom t-shirt stall. The brand was founded in 2009 as a "brand that stands for quality, ethical production and wonderful, original design" however the stall is only there until Christmas. Watch out though as I predict that you will see more of these custom products as the brand grows.

The items on sale included hand screen-printed custom t-shirts, mugs, tea towels, cushions, bags and there is even some cool premium range aprons to wear as you cook up your own custom version of old Scottish recipes!

If you cannot get to the St Enoch Centre in Glasgow, go to the Gillian Kyle site, take a look around and then buy these well designed and unique products which are all delivered with a wee touch of Scottish humour. Once the affiliate links are set up on Gillian's site I will be more than happy to promote them here on custom t-shirts!

I Heart Fibers Custom T-shirts

Fibers online custom tee shirt shop and design is a fantastic site run by a group of passionate artists, developers and creative minds in Sacramento, CA.

This team are crazy about self-expression and seek to create an experience for customers that offers the ultimate in product customisation.

I was contacted by Amber from Fibers who made me an offer I couldn't refuse in exchange for a site review. No problem Amber ... hope this works for you.

Review of the Fibers Tee Shirt Design Site: It's the place to shop or create Custom T-Shirts, Hoodies and More.

Site Name: Fibers is at

Service Offering: At Fibers you can either shop for template custom t-shirts or design and create your own. To create your own custom t-shirts and products, has easy to use t-shirt design technology with which you can customise ANY design on the site to personalize it with text or images or effects.

The guarantees are good too, check this out:
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
• Orders Ship in 2-3 Business Days
• No Minimum Order

Custom Designs: The site offers customers literally thousands of options for either pre-designed templates such as the I Heart T-Shirts and Family T-Shirts or personally chosen designs for your custom t-shirts.

Ease of Use: Creating a shirt flows easily from selection through to completion with multiple customisation options in product, colour, size, graphics, text and positioning on the garment. Yes, and you can upload your own graphics too. I especially liked the fact that you can easily mix and match graphics with text and then add effects like distress for that vintage look. The graphics options are very good and the t-shirt label graphic (shown here) is well done. Good job.

Once you have signed up as a customer, the site flows well to the point of sale without confusing the user. Payment methods are very comprehensive including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express all accepted.

Regions: will ship to anywhere in the USA and Canada and also to various international locations including, at the time of writing: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdon. So great coverage there!

Products are varied and prices for blank items are fair ranging from under $15 for baby products to around $35 for a hoodie. The default men's white t-shirt is priced at $20.99. The graphics and text you choose will probably add no more than $4 ... which is great value for such a great selection of designs.

Innovation: This site idea has been thought through and pulls some of the best in custom t-shirt sites together into one package. It will see success in maintaining and developing its range of design options.

Recommendation: Absolutely recommended that you look at this site.

It is up there with the best custom t-shirt sites as it offers shopping, design, personal customisation, design search, simple links to popular designs and common themes.

There is so much super functionality on this site. The team at want you to have the best design experience and even offer an on-line Live Chat for some personalised advice from a friendly designer as you purchase your custom t-shirt.

At Fibers you can create a truly unique look. Go for it ... tell them forteez sent you and you might even get a discount!

Bob Marley Custom T-shirts at Boughi

Bob Marley Custom T-shirts are a particular favourite of mine. I am always on the lookout for quality and found it on a recent trip to Florida at Boughi Apparel & Accessories.

Drawn into Boughi by its open layout and the collection of high quality clothing in the window, I couldn't believe my luck that there was a collection of Bob Marley Custom T-shirts on display.

I spent some time with the store co-owner Tamekia who explained that her Bob Marley merchandise was supplied from Zion who are official Bob Marley merchandisers.

Boughi is a great store to visit for custom t-shirts as well as a great range of known brands clothing and apparel for ladies, gents and children . Next time I am in Florida, I'll be visiting Boughi ... oh and trust me you should too, you won't be disappointed.

Boughi Apparel and Accessories
The Florida Mall
8001 S Orange Blossom Trail #668
FL 32809

Stockists of: Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, Cavi, Dereon, Apple Bottom, 8732, Parish, Baby Phat, Coogi, Akoo, Live Mechanics, Roca Wear, Blac Label, Academiks

Wordans Custom T-Shirt Website Review

As a custom t-shirt fan I like to take a look from time to time at other t-shirt sites. Wordans custom t-shirt site is a fantastic site run by some really cool people in Montreal, Quebec. Here is my review of the Wordans custom t-shirt website.

Site Name: Wordans

Service Offering: Wordans provides a custom t-shirt design site, custom printing on American Apparel clothing (and others), and delivery for Canadian, US, EU and Rest of World users from its base in Montreal, Canada. Ease of contact is enhanced by prominent email and telephone information. A returns policy is also in place.

Custom Designs: The Wordans site has its own custom t-shirt design tool which offers a great array of cool designs submitted by designers from around the world (from New Zealand to South Africa!). You can create your own custom t-shirt using these high quality designs or, as a registered user, you can also upload your own.

Ease of Use: The site flows easily to the point of sale without confusing the user. Payment methods are Paypal, Credit Card, Money Order and also Cash at their bricks & mortar store.

Regions: Shipping is free to Canada and US but charges are not clear outside of these countries.

Pricing: Prices vary by type of shirt and the selected design but all are very competitive for custom t-shirts.

Innovation: this site is up there with the best custom t-shirt sites.

Recommendation: Highly recommended. A great site with some fantastic custom t-shirt designs.

Why Not Start A Successful Custom T-Shirt Business?

start a custom t-shirt business company with cool graphic designWould you like to start a successful Custom T-Shirt Business? Would you like to use your flair for hip and cool custom t-shirts and convert this creativity into a fledgling business? Would you like to design custom graphics, print them onto high quality t-shirts and deliver them to tens, hundreds, thousands, millions of happy customers? Me too!

I have always been interested in new, cool, eye-catching and trendy custom t-shirt graphics and slogans. I am also an avid wearer of custom t-shirts.

My story so far is this. I started this small custom t-shirt venture in August 2007 as a niche marketing experiment for the Thirty Day Challenge. My blog was set up free of charge thanks to and I started to post blog articles on the subject of custom t-shirts. Once my blog was established on blogger, I signed up for a Spreadshirt affiliate program which resulted in my custom t-shirt blog being delisted by Google. However, I kept on posting and soon it was back in the rankings again.

I added other affiliate links and for my own designs opened an online custom t-shirt shop on Spreadshirt. A very useful link in my custom t-shirt blog is this one to an eBook called "How To Start A T-Shirt Company". I have another post where I provide details on this product.

Business has been as expected. The custom t-shirt business, although global in nature, is highly competitive with low barriers to entry. Therefore, you will need to keep at it and I believe that if you start you need to be in it for the long run ... like I am. I don't yet have my own domain name, that will come later, but I am making sales now even if it took about four months using this low cost start-up process.

Once you start, you need to ensure good quality products, a high level of customer service and be engaged in the creative design of custom t-shirt graphics. Then keep going. The blogging process is fun and creative in its own right and creating new custom graphics and text for your t-shirts is very rewarding ... even better when a customer buys one.

I promote and enjoy all things related to custom t-shirts and I am happy to post comments with links to other custom t-shirt sites (no SPAM) although I would like the linking to be reciprocated! If you have any questions, drop me a comment and feel free to subscribe to my RSS updates from this site.

Creating Custom Graphic T-Shirts with Spreadshirt Designer

Spreadshirt have a cool tool called Spreadshirt Designer which allows you to create custom graphic t-shirts. The site allows you to design and order your own t-shirts and there is no minimum order - you can order just one, individually printed graphic t-shirt and you can also add customised text of your choice.

The process is really simple and well explained on the site but here is a short summary of the route to creating your own graphic t-shirt.

  1. Choose a custom t-shirt type from the spreadshirt product selection. You will find sizing information by clicking on the small information mark next to the product name. Details on the t-shirt weight and manufacturing are also available there.
  2. Choose a design. You can upload your own photography, or pick one out from the spreadshirt graphic t-shirt design network. Information is also available on which designs you can upload to the Spreadshirt Designer.
  3. Text can also be nice. Choose a font format and write what you want. Your graphic t-shirt design and text will be merged and can be turned, mirrored or enlarged within the given print area.
  4. Once the custom graphic t-shirt looks like you want, proceed to check-out and order it.

Pricing is based on a combination of the selected product, design,text and colours selected.

The end result is a customised graphic t-shirt that you can be proud of ... and you can be sure that no one else will have one quite like it!


How To Start A Custom-T-Shirt Company

"How To Start A Custom-T-Shirt Company" is a digital product sold online for $29.95 (US Dollars).

Looking at the structure of the "How To Start A Custom-T-Shirt Company" e-book you will instantly recognise how it will help you plan and work towards making your own successful custom t-shirt business. And once you have purchased this custom t-shirt business e-book you will have your own invaluable and structured guide to lead you through the main stages of starting up a custom t-shirt business. To Quote from the e-book's sales guide:

"Chapters include
How to start off with a great, marketable idea
Creating a business plan and a corporate identity
The legal essentials, like Trade marks and copyrighting
The equipment you need: what to get and where to get it
How to generate passive income by licensing your brand
How to start your T-shirt business & get it online for FREE!
And much, much more!"

I put the link on my custom t-shirt blog for a couple of reasons:
(1) It is a custom t-shirt related product and my blog is about custom t-shirts.
(2) It might be useful to new entrepreneurs in the custom t-shirt business.
(3) I use it as an affiliate link.

Click the link, read the proposition, make your own mind up about this great opportunity.

Do you take the risk? Well, it is your call ... nothing ventured means nothing gained. If you want to make money in the custom t-shirt business you have to start somewhere ... and you have to put in the work!

Custom T-Shirt Ebook Link

Custom T-Shirts Feature at Classic Car Show

Custom t-shirts featuring classic and customised cars will be available at the annual Labor Day Weekend Car Show in Newport, Oregon.
Car enthusiasts and owners will be out in force at this popular event held at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.
Visitors will see vintage and non-vintage autos & trucks, sports cars, street rods, muscle cars, customs, imports, and classics.

In a superb use of screen printing technology, screen printer Jeff McDaniel will be there on Saturday to photograph and screen print personalized custom T-shirts for car owners and enthusiasts.

Create your own custom t-shirts at

Brief History of the Custom T-Shirt

The origin of the Custom T-Shirt is not really known. Undergarments have always been worn since the days when all clothing manufacture was a custom process. However, at some point the functional nature of a t-shirt evolved into a medium for expression and communication.

When did this happen I hear you say. In the fashion of custom t-shirt wearer's around the world ... who cares!
Here's the rough timeline:
  • 1913 Functional use by the military to ease the discomfort of heavy woolen uniforms.
  • 1932 Development of custom t-shirt for sports wear by Jockey.
  • 1942 Standard use of t-shirt as military underwear. Appears on cover of Life.
  • 1952 Public see more t-shirts worn by public figures and film stars.
  • 1964 Hermann Munster's "Terror Shirt" designed by Mutgey Wilson creates unprecedented public demand.
  • 1975 Screen printing of custom t-shirts creates a new advertising medium used by big brand companies.
  • 1985 Designer names appear on t-shirts.
  • 1995 Company logos become a common advertising feature on t-shirts.
Post 2000 many people are now using the custom t-shirt as a means of communicating with the world. This phenomena has seen custom t-shirt classics - think of Milton Glaser's "I Love NY" - becoming highly sought after across the globe. So here it is people. Get your creative thinking caps on, expressive yourself in custom t-shirts. Think about how good you feel in a garment that expresses you without you having to say a word! Custom t-shirts are inexpensive and easily manufactured with modern technology and so much fun. The canvas is blank and it is easy to add some color. Go get em!

source: wikipedia